VANITY PLATES: Vanity Plates Bracelet

VANITY PLATES: Vanity Plates BraceletVANITY PLATES: Vanity Plates BraceletVANITY PLATES: Vanity Plates BraceletVANITY PLATES: Vanity Plates BraceletVANITY PLATES: Vanity Plates Bracelet

Click Image! Vanity Plate Bracelet Sterling Silver. Better than your average ID Bracelet, Vanity Plates allow you to commemorate your special "Who"s," When"s or" Where"s. Customize your necklace using 15 Spaces per side. Select from our list below, or design your own. Using ABC'S and 123's (no special characters), you can be as creative as you want. (All letters are "uppercase".) To make your own phrase, select "Custom", and enter your phrase(s) in the "Comments Box" during checkout. The size of the phrase bar is determined by the number of spaces you use (15 spaces utilizes a 2" plate.) Remember, it's 15 total spaces, not just individual characters. Be sure to calculate the spaces between words (no need to account for the spaces on either side of the phrase). Each side can be engraved with entirley different phrases; such as names, dates, teams, schools, Greek Clubs, etc. Only the outside phrase of the Vanity Plate will be visible on the bracelet, but you can select/customize your own phrase for the inside that is your little secret. Each Bracelet comes with 3/4" of adjustability; therefore, an 8" Bracelet will be adjustable from 7.25-8". Visit our "Vanity Plates" Category for more designs. Bracelet is made with 1.5mm Serpentine Chain. IF YOU SELECT "CUSTOM," MAKE SURE TO ENTER YOUR PHRASE(S) IN THE COMMENTS BOX DURING CHECKOUT. SHOULD YOU FORGET, YOU CAN ALWAYS E-MAIL US THIS INFORMATION. ALL CUSTOM PHRASES ARE SUBJECT TO BLACK MOUNTAIN EDITORIAL REVIEW, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASE FOR APPROVAL.

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