COPPER LINE: #57 Copper Earring

COPPER LINE: #57 Copper EarringCOPPER LINE: #57 Copper EarringCOPPER LINE: #57 Copper EarringCOPPER LINE: #57 Copper EarringCOPPER LINE: #57 Copper EarringCOPPER LINE: #57 Copper Earring

Click Image! #57 Earring Copper. Available as a Wire (SW) Earring. Also known as, Irregular 3-D "In" Wire Earring. Approximate dimensions: 3/4" diameter, 20 Gauge. Though copper is naturally hypo-allergenic, we use sterling silver earring findings for the strength and aesthetic appearance of silver. (Remember, most metal allergies are due to the presence of nickel. Our sterling contains no nickel, but is actually alloyed with copper.) Unlike Sterling Silver and 14k Gold, Copper is not an alloy of metals but a pure metal. This requires the use of Silver Solder, which is why each solder joint shows bright Silver. Freshly created copper jewelry is bright pink and quickly develops a rich red, earthy patina as it interacts with atmospheric oxygen and your individual body chemistry. Allow this to flourish on its own for a magically evolving surface treatment, or dip in your favorite tarnish remover to re-establish its original luster. Visit "Keys to Ordering" for more information on Copper. Photos (top to bottom): 1. #57 earrings; 2. Silver solder joint; 3. Copper patina; 4. Earring findings; 5. Metal gauges.

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